Advantages of Using Processed Egg Products

Food Safe

  • Egg 24/7 Inc. Liquid eggs are ULTRA-PASTEURIZED to ELIMINATE RISKS that may be associated with shelled eggs.
  • 1:20,000 shelled eggs is contaminated with Salmonella
  • One egg in every two pallets
  • Utilizes the preventative HACCP System to provide safe food of the highest quality so your customers and reputation are safe.


  • Already Cracked and Ready to Go
  • Not complicated
  • No extra labor for breaking shell eggs
  • Reduces cold storage space needed
  • Always ready to use
  • Less accident prone

Extended shelf-life

  • Shelf life 3x-4x longer
  • Simplifies Inventory Tracking
  • Less Waste since Liquid Egg has no shell

Consistent Baking Performance

  • Not cost-prohibitive
  • Provides batch-batch consistency
  • Improves product quality over time
  • Streamlines ingredient preparation
  • Easy monitoring of cast by removing the variance of weight.
  • Saves TIME and MONEY

A Short Video from the American Egg Board

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